In a Reality-Based, Non-Linear World…Overlooking Key
Opportunities and Assets Can Cost Your Business Its Very Future!
We Pledge NOT to Let This Happen!

Jay Abraham

Carlos Dias

What If Everything You Knew About Leading Your Family Business Was Dangerously Wrong?

(Why Outdated Thinking is Putting Your Profit Performance At Risk)

Turbulent times offer tremendous opportunities for business wealth creation. But only for those who learn the new skills and mental mindset required to lead in a hyper-changing environment.

Doing business «as usual» is long gone and can even be detrimental to your wealth. Watch all of the videos to discover a new way of generate sustainable growth and create real wealth for your company.


“It’s an honor to talk about my mentor….”Jeffrey Moore
“I earned six figures of growth in one month…”Ramit Sethi
Jay and Carlos have inspired and educated business leaders around the world.

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The Five Harsh Realities Every CEO Must Know About

Leading a Business Today
Change is a double-edged sword for your company!
Most of what you know today will be obsolete in only a few years!
Only 17% of today’s companies are poised for a profitable future!
Complexity is expected to rise – 79% of CEOs doubt their ability to manage it!
Most CEOs are in denial!

Are you in denial? As CEO, are your decisions creating wealth for your Corporate Family Business…or destroying it?

If you failed the “Are you in denial?” test in the video, you are not alone.

Meet John, a CEO who learns to face the truth – and finds a Motherlode of hidden wealth in his business.

Download your Free copy and embark into a Journey of Discovery through an Enlightening Modern Day Business Fable.

Reality or Denial? The Choice is Yours

In today’s non-linear world, CEOs must learn how to “see around corners.”

Download your Free copy and Discover How to Make the Right Reality-Based Strategic Decisions in a Fast-Moving World.

Here’s Jay to tell you how…

Is Outdated Thinking Putting Your Business at Risk?

In a non-linear world, linear thinking will lead you astray.

But most CEOs cling to outdated assumptions and short-sighted goals that can undermine your business’ performance.

If you are still making these key mental errors, you may be putting your business at risk!

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Do You Know the NEW RULES for Business Success?

You can’t win the game of business if you don’t know the rules!

Play the video for a fast-track tour of the New Rules for business success in today’s hyper-turbulent, non-linear world.

Then read the Inflections Points™ White Paper for a detailed discussion.

Lectures Are Out! Learning-by-Doing Is In Today!

The dual challenge you face:

  • How can you learn the strategic leadership skills and tools you’ll need to succeed in a non-linear world?
  • How can you apply those skills to change your culture and unlock breakthrough, sustainable growth?
“Tools to learn as fast
as the world is changing.”
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